From June 1, 2020 until early June 2021, half my profits from purchases of Black Skin Pain were donated to GoFundMe pages belonging to families impacted by police brutality and U.S.-based civil rights organizations. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the cause and helped bring life to the vision. We raised hundreds of dollars from one song alone.

Moving forward, I still find it imperative to utilize this body of work for support and awareness of organizations working against the damaging impacts of anti-Blackness both locally and globally. For purchases of the title made after June 2021, and until further notice, the halved profits will be given to Mémorial de l’abolition de l’esclavage (Memorial to the Abolition of Slavery) in France. The Memorial is an artistic and political project with the primary goal of educating the city, Nantes, and its youth about its long-ignored role in the slave trade.